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Cruises from Lebanon

Are there any cruises from Lebanon, departing from Beirut or from Tripoli?

Cruises from Lebanon

Cruises from Lebanon

If you are looking for cruises from Lebanon or for a cruise trip and you live in Lebanon, you may have asked most travel agencies, or looked at the advertisement of most travel agencies, and seen beautiful Cruise Ships features, only to learn that major cruise ships depart either from Venice or Barcelona, and rarely from the nearby Cyprus, Greece or Turkey, whereas some smaller cruise ships depart from Greece.

Knowing that a cruise trip can be one of the most fascinating vacations one can look for, we have thought that it was time to organize all the cruise information that could be relevant to Lebanese citizens, or anyone wanting to organize his or her cruise while his or her initial point of departure is Lebanon in one place.

Cruise Packages from Lebanon?
Most Lebanon Travel Agencies suggest some cruise packages from Lebanon, and most worldwide cruise companies are represented by one or more of the local Travel Agencies. While it’s possible for anyone in Lebanon to go to anywhere in the world to take a cruise, the truth is that the most convenient cruises for Lebanese citizens are those around the mediterranean, for their proximity, ease of reach, and subsequently cost.

Over the next month, and independently from the different travel agencies operating in Lebanon, we will be featuring the different cruise trips available in the mediterranean, whether these are covered by local travel agencies or not. We do believe that some available cruise trips represent better deals and better enjoyment than those offered by local travel agencies, and in the end, since these are your vacations, you should be given the choice to select the best cruise trip for your family and yourself.

Cruises from Lebanon Packages

At Lebanon Packages, we will be operating as your cruise consultant to allow you:
- To save substantially on your cruise trip, while planning for the best vacation you can possibly have
- To select the best cruise trip that responds to your needs and preferences
- To compare the different offerings, and be aware of everything from an objective point of view, not necessarily that of an agency promoting the cruises of a given cruise line company

More Information about Cruises from Lebanon

Planning for cruises from Lebanon, and not enough information has been published, please contact us, and we can prepare everything for you. You can reach us at 76-002283 or by email at
Do not forget to bookmark our site for more and up-to-date information about Cruises from Lebanon.

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